3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

Companies face serious downtime risks when the parts they need to replace for continuing operation cannot be produced because they do not have the necessary engineering drawings required for their fabrication.

Traditional reverse engineering methods, with manual measurement of the part using regular instruments, like calipers and micrometers, are time consuming and prone to human error, due to its large dependency on the technical abilities of the person doing the measurements.

With new 3D scanning technology, now it is possible to capture the surface of any part and virtually recreate its entire model. This is a faster and more accurate process that will lead to a better-quality information of the existent part. CSP ensures that you can attain any parts you need quickly and in a better quality because of our reverse engineering software.

CSP’s scanning equipment includes metrology-grade portable scanners capable of accurately capturing the surface of highly complex surfaces and converting them to a 3D digital mesh for reverse engineering the part. The included software, VXelements and SpaceClaim CAD software use the mesh to create a 3D model of the scanned part that can be used for measurement, virtual assembly, finite element analysis and to create the engineering drawing for manufacturing.

The system is easy to use, requiring minimal setup and it is totally portable, allowing the reverse engineering of the part either at our facilities or at the customer’s site. This allows for great flexibility when the part can not be moved from the workplace, allowing for the fabrication of those parts that do not have the necessary engineering drawings.

Cast Steel Products can ensure that companies are not stuck waiting for new replacement parts to be fabricated in order to finish your projects; rather, companies can call CSP out to their location, and we will build a replacement part for you using both our 3D scanning technology and our reverse engineering software to scan the part companies need replaced. From there, we can utilize reverse engineering to create a replacement part. CSP ensures that any part we create will fit existing equipment and is 100% accurate.