Bi-Metal Elbows

CSP engineers have designed and manufactured bimetallic chrome white iron elbows for extreme abrasion applications. The CWI wear component is up to four inches thick suspended in a urethane filled steel jacket.

Other Industries


Our experienced sales and engineering departments work closely with our Aluminum industry end users to determine exactly what is required in order to supply an engineered custom wear, replacement and abrasion and heat resistant product solution manufactured to the highest industry standards including ISO 9000, ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS, SAE or proprietary standards.


CSP designs and manufactures castings, forgings and fabrications for the cement industry. The challenging environments inherent in cement production dictate durable long lasting parts are used within the mills. Our experienced engineering and sales departments understand the requirement of supplying to our cement customers high quality parts that are long lasting and reduce downtime.

Heavy Equipment

CSP is a leading supplier of cast, forged and fabricated wear parts to OEM and aftermarket Ground Engaging & Heavy Equipment. We are committed to supplying innovative engineered site-specific wear parts for demanding applications in different industries. Our experienced sales and engineering departments work closely with our different customers in construction and road maintenance.


CSP products for Mining and Mineral Processing are innovatively engineered using unique state of-the-art wear technology to provide high wear and extended lifetime in operating conditions of high thermal loads, high temperatures and the subsequent cooling from ambient air, as well as high wear abrasion environments. Our experienced departments work closely with the end user to determine exactly what is required.

Oil & Gas

For over twenty five years our Edmonton CSP location has been a leading supplier to OEM and aftermarket of high quality cast, forged and fabricated wear, replacement, abrasion and heat resistant products for the challenging conditions of oil and gas drilling and processing. CSP delivers proven innovative quality products and value add custom solutions to our Oil & Gas customers.

Pallet Car Component Parts

CSP Pallet Cars have been innovatively engineered to maximize the life of your Iron Ore Induration furnace. The components are specifically designed for ease of maintenance allowing operators to replace component parts at specific maintenance intervals. Component parts are designed to maximize the wear life of each piece and the modular design allows for easy replacement.


CSP is a leading supplier of high temperature and wear castings to the power generation industry. Our customers include commercial and industrial power plants, municipal utilities, bio-mass, waste-to-energy plants, co-generation, institutions and independent electric power producers. We are committed to supplying innovative engineered site-specific wear parts for demanding applications for different customer requirements.


We have over 25 years knowledge of high strength alloys, manganese alloys and irons and our experienced engineering and sales departments use this to supply a full slate of high solidity and industrial castings to suit any railway customer requirements. Our parts are precisely engineered using high graded raw materials so as to make sure that we supply our Railway customers with high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and optimum performance parts.


We supply a broad range of ferrous metals for steel mill wear parts that provide high uniform strength in all directions. We cast ductile iron, ADI, CADI, Ni-Resist, Ni-Hard, and compacted graphite, also gray iron and many other metals. CSP also develops custom and proprietary alloys for steel mill wear parts, and we have the capability to meet specific requirements for micro structure and other physical properties.

Downtime is not an option

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