We supply a broad range of ferrous metals for steel mill wear parts that provide high uniform strength in all directions. We cast ductile iron, ADI, CADI, Ni-Resist, Ni-Hard, and compacted graphite, also gray iron and many other metals. CSP also develops custom and proprietary alloys for steel mill wear parts, and we have the capability to meet specific requirements for micro structure and other physical properties. We work with the end user to develop castings for steel mill wear parts of all types, and can quickly generate prototypes, and production volumes.

CSP Steel Mill Products are manufactured to ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS, SAE or proprietary standards. As a ISO 9001 certified company, strict QA and QC programs are in place at many levels to insure quality.  In addition CSP Steel Mill Products are designed to provide customers with fast lead times and high levels of safety, reliability and maintainability. Some benefits to our customers of using CSP Steel Mill Component are that we work in partnership with our customers. Their operations benefit from improved equipment wear life, with lower processing costs as the result. CSP has demonstrated reliable service and has a long term commitment to quality, backed up by our successful record of proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction.

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