Considerations When Selecting a New Crusher Liner

Considerations When Selecting a New Crusher Liner

A crusher is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks and gravel. A wide range of cone crusher liners are available to accommodate coarse and fine feeds, but which you choose depends on several factors. The most crucial element in cone crusher liner selection is the feed. You should have a well-graded feed going into the crushing chamber. However, you should also know what type of feed you want to put in your crusher. Read these considerations when selecting a new crusher liner to learn more.

Crush Material

Several factors affect liner life, but the most notable is the stone you process and how it’s suited for your crush liner. Rock liners are responsible for providing the immediate dynamic content on the stone as it’s being crushed. The different types of stone interact with the liner in a certain way. The type of cone crusher liner purchased needs to support the material being crushed. In both the materials, the crusher is composed and the size and wetness of the material you’ll be running.

Predictable Maintenance of Wear Parts

One menace to any job site is downtime. Time is a precious commodity that cannot be replaced. So, when you have a machine part go out unexpectedly, you’ll be wasting precious manpower as you scramble to fix the problem. Certain parts are made to wear down at predictable levels and be replaced at pre-selected times. With an easy-fitting liner, you’ll experience minimum downtime, predictable maintenance scheduling, and a speedy replacement.


You will really want to talk to your dealer about the particularities of their products, and then you’ll want to compare. A longer wear life will mean increased uptime and efficiency, as more material can be run through the liner before replacement. You’ll want to check with your manufacturer whether a custom or factory-made crusher liner is right for you. A custom-made crusher liner may offer more features that can extend its life.

Cast Steel Products is a leading supplier of crusher liners for all primary cone crushers, gyratory crushers, jaw crushers, impact crushers, and roll crushers. Our experienced sales and engineering staff work closely with you to supply exactly what is needed. Our crush liners deliver a longer wear life which means liners don’t have to be replaced as often. Fewer quantities are required per year, leading to less frequent maintenance shutdowns. We keep our customers working at peak proficiency because our crush liners were designed just for that. We hope these considerations when selecting a new crush liner have helped you consider the advantages of Cast Steel Products. Contact our experienced sales team today!

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