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Machining Services

Surface:  100" Dia x 22" High
    Cylinder:  19.5" Dia x 144" High
  CNC Vertical Boring Mill:
 167" Dia x 98" High
  CNC Horizontal Boring Mill:
 122" x 141" x 315"
  Large Diameter Lathe:
Cylinder: 72" Dia x 300" Length
    Cylinder" 60" Dia x 420" Length

 Welding, Fabrication and Cutting

  • Hard face coating
  • Repair work
  • Machinery components
  • B pressure welding (including valves, pressure components, etc.)
  • Fabricate and machine small to large structural frames
  • CNC oxygen cutting any shape desired up to 6" thick
  • Welding methods include: SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, GMAW, SAW


PTA Cladding


The PTA process utilizes state of the art robotically controlled welding technology

  • High alloy deposition rates
  • Minimal base metal dilution
  • Homogenous and porosity free overlays up to 0.200" Thick in one pass
  • I.D. capabilities
  • High tolerance thickness control eliminating post grinding
  • For most industry applications
  • Exceptional overlay reproducible for production runs
  • Type of Overlay Available:
Tungsten Carbide Alloys
  Ni/Cr/B Alloys RC 30 - 65
400 Series SS
  300 Series SS



Heat treatment


 Wide variety of products for stress relieving, normalizing, and tempering

  • Small Furnace: Maximum Dimensions: 38" Wide x 38" High x 66" Deep
  • Large Furnace: Maximum Dimensions: 89" Wide x 104" High x 106" Deep Maximum Weight: 30,000 lbs.